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Training and Certification

Asian Centre for Aerospace Capability Development (ACACD) is involved in Aerospace Training, Certification and Airline Advisory Services. You may wish to visit our website at for all matters relating to training, certification and airline advisory services.

Licensed Aircraft Engineer and Aircraft Technician Training

As part of our total aviation services to our clients, ACACD is capable of providing Licensed Aircraft Engineers and Aircraft Technician training.

Pilot Training

ACACD is also a strategic partner of a manufacturer of 5 – seater Very Light Jet (VLJ). ACACD has negotiated with the private jet manufacturer to be their outsource partner in pilot conversion training and is sourcing for the client one or more simulators.

Consultancy and Advisory

FAR 145, Part 21, 23 and 43 Training and Consultancy

Regulatory Approval Consultancy and Advisory:

  • FAR / JAR / EASA 145 Repair Station
  • Part 21 Certification of Products and Articles and of Design and Production Organisation
  • Part 43 Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Rebuilding and Alteration

ACACD also has the capability to advise on the FAR 145, Part 21, 23, 43 requirements.

Air Services Management (Airline Start Up and Managing Agent)

Besides training and licensing, an integral part of ACACD’s business is Aviation (Airline) Services Management. Currently, within ACACD, there are many former senior executives from Singapore Airlines (SIA) who are all extremely experienced and professional in various aspects of airline management. These professionals have an average of 20 years working experience in SIA in all aspects of both commercial and cargo business in the airline industry.

The Air Services Management Division of ACACD provides:

  • A one-stop solution for owner of airlines who want to engage ACACD as the Air Service Operator or Managing Agent for their existing airlines.
  • A one-stop air services management agent to assist and advise investors on the start-up of a new airlines. As managing agent we carry out pre-operations, regulations, operational and technical advisory.
  • To assist airlines in their performance enhancement and expansion effort.

As such, ACACD has the capability to start, manage and operate regional airlines. As a managing agent, we work with the airline’s current management, staff, investors and civil aviation authorities to develop and grow the airline. Currently, ACACD is working on the development of new regional airlines in Lao People Democratic Republic and Myanmar .

The Areas of Focus are:

  • Passenger Sales & Strategic Marketing
  • In-Depth Market Analysis & Sales Performance
  • Innovative Concepts and Products Promotions
  • Reservations & Ticketing Upgrade
  • Fares & Tariffs Rationalisation
  • Yield Management
  • Route Intelligence & Operating Network Review
  • Interline Co-operation and Co-ordination
  • Strategic Airlines Alliances & Partnerships
  • Corporate Affairs and International Relations
  • Passenger Load Improvements (Passenger – Kilometre)
  • Cargo Load Improvements (Freight Tonne – Kilometre)
  • Transforming Service Quality & Product
  • Ground Services Operations & Passenger Handling
  • Systems & Procedures Review
  • Information Technology Application
  • Cabin Crew Performance & Service Audit
  • In-Flight Services Revamp and Equipment Upgrade

These Areas of Focus are meant to strategise, develop and grow the client’s Airline into a world class airline. In addition, it will provide the client’s Airline with various key emphases in its airline operations. These are:-

Clarity & Commitment

Mission Statement and focus on service quality to its passengers and business associates.

Continuous Training

Educational Programmes in 4 Training Centres for Cabin Crew, Flight Operations, Commercial and Management Development. Training is not a “one time affair” and it is a key pillar to any airline’s continued success and growth.

Career Development

Appraisal of performance of staff at all levels. Training of top performing managers and other key personnel.

Consistent External Communication

Advertisement & Promotions to highlight key features and destinations of the airline. Communication to potential passenger about the airline's service quality and offerings so as to bring about brand recognition.


The airline industry is intensely competitive. Therefore, it is important to benchmark the airline against its rivals in similar class. Also, important to keep an eye on competitor’s latest offering and services, destinations, etc.

For the above Airline Management Services, ACACD provides both detailed and general advisory services. For the Detailed Advisory Service, Acacd’s professionals will be involved in the management of the airline in a “hands-on” manner. They will be stationed in the airline’s head office to review all key aspects of the airline and to recommend the necessary improvements to the airline’s Board of Directors and senior management.

For the General Advisory Service, Acacd’s professional will make various trips to Mongolia to observe the airline’s services. It will then make the appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors. It will also not work with the airline’s management directly. Instead it will focus its recommendations to the Board.

Aircraft Modification, Retrofitting and Refurbishment

In addition to its commercial airline activities, ACACD is also involved in the Modification, Retrofitting and Refurbishment of Civilian and Military Aircraft. ACACD is currently refurbishing a fleet of military aircraft for an air force outside Singapore . Complementing this, ACACD also has the capability to source for and supply both civilian and military aircraft parts and components


The above activities are just some of the projects that ACACD is working on and the scope of work is not limited to the above activities.