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What We Do

The Asian Centre for Aerospace Capability Development Pte Ltd is a industry-led partnership effort to enhance the aerospace and aviation industry and enterprise competitiveness. It aims to achieve this through TRAINING, CERTIFICATION AND PROVIDING EXPERTISE to the aerospace and aviation industry and the enterprises within the industry. The TRAINING, CERTIFICATION AND EXPERTISE areas cover, but are not limited to the following:

Technology & Infrastructures

Improves enterprise capabilities and productivity by leveraging on enterprise applications and relevant technology infrastructure to innovate and enhance business operations. It includes the adoption of info-communication technology, development of technical standards and establishment of industry-wide infrastructure.

Expertise & Managerial Competence

Develop overall industry expertise through training, learning circles and industry-wide certification. Develop internal competencies of enterprise by upgrading manpower capabilities and develop managerial competence.

Business Collaboration

Through collaboration, we aim to create a comprehensive training and certification system (TCS) to raise the competency of every worker in the aerospace industry. Working with partners like industry associations and economic agencies, we plan to establish industry-focused TCS development initiatives. We intend to create a skills framework for the aerospace and aviation industries and develop the training infrastructure and programmes for imparting these skills. We hope also to work with these partners to project the short to medium-term skills needs of the aerospace industry.

Intelligence and Research

Provide intelligence and research to aerospace enterprise to gain a deeper understanding of industry trends and requirements so as to develop industry specific solutions through comprehensive research based on sound market intelligence.

Advisory & Consultancy

Provide advisory and consultancy to promote industry-wide best practices and competence. Provide customised solutions to specific enterprise needs.